Meet the Pack of the Pride

Hey there all! I just thought it would be fun to introduce you to some of my family members! It was a little difficult to get pics of them all since they have issues sitting still, and the Grandpa likes to run from the camera, but I got them!

And now, I introduce you to the Pack in order of Oldest to youngest!

This is Winslow, the grandpa/oldest/alpha male
He is a chow chow mutt of who knows what else. He is about 16 years old and STILL the main protector of everybody.

This Beautiful boy Is Outlaw, Full name Cassanova's Partying Outlaw. He comes from a prestegious line of Pomeranians. However he is considered a throw back due to his abnormally enormous size. 15lbs! He is The sweetest thing ever, earning him the nickname "honeypot" (this dog is my secret lover XD)

This sweet little girl is Pebbles, short for Elegance's Dinky Little Pebbles. She is also of a line of pomeranians, though not the same as Outlaw (none of the poms are related). She is a foxy little thing that LOVES the water and fetching mail with me.

And now we come the the bratty booger of the bunch. This is Holly, short for Just In Time for the Holly Days. I gave her the name after much arguement with my mother. Also from a line of poms, THIS little girl has won 1st place for prettiest female! She LOVES to eat candy and other sugary items with me, as well as drinking half my glass of juice if I'll let her.

Now, this bright, lion-eyed beauty is Denali. She has no papers or exceedingly long name. She is, however, full blood chow chow and the most ADORABLE thing. Beauty comes with brains in this case, Denali has a thing for eluding bath time. She is Winslow's Successor in the protection department.

Now THIS little boy is the baby of the bunch. Only about 5-6 months old in this picture, he is one Beefy little guy. Goes by the name of Captain Yukon Jack. But we just call him Yukon. Not even full grown and this pup stands at about the height of Denali. Having a heavyweight father will ensure this little purebred chow boy a nice physique once he IS full grown. He, along with Denali, are the future protectors.