Sunday, October 17, 2010

Super Sunday

Hey hey,

Yes I know I'm not always up and about. I just got over a nasty bout of the flu. Today I'm going down to get my hair cut and after that I get to dig up a tree stump. I'll get back into the swing, no worries. Will just take me a little bit. I have to get back to my reading thing.

I am actually reading The Vampire Files by P.N. Elrod. If you have never heard of this series, you should seriously look into it. Who wouldn't enjoy a vampire P.I.? Mobsters in Chicago included! So check it out, HIGHLY recommended!

Also, you should check out Word For Teens- she has an AMAZING Halloween book event going on!

If you all haven't heard, I have a new baby in the house! den at least lol. Its a baby cornsnake! He is named after the BEST character in the Harry Potter series! Severus. Severus Snake. He's SUCH a cutie! Pictures are upon request, as not everybody enjoys these slithery friends. Anyways, I'm off to dig up that stump!

Thanks for dropping by, next time I'll have a nice morsel for you to chew on! Til next time!

~The Desert Lioness

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Amusing Video Sunday

Hey hey all,
I was surfin' around on the interwebz yesterday when I came across some HILARIOUS videos! I just thought I would share them here with you.

You ALL remember the Oregon Trail right? Game of EPIC proportions where you died a million times before you EVER reached your destination! Well they made a movie trailer out of it,

This one is a vid that went viral online, and my uncle decided to put music to it to make it better. Its rather catchy now. Enjoy! XD

I hope you found those amusing, I know I did! I am currently in the process of reading the Vampire Files, An EXCELLENT book series by P.N. Elrod about a vampire P.I. in post prohibition era. Will get more info on that once I've finished!

Enjoy Amusing Video Sunday!

~The Desert Lioness

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hey hey everybody,

Yes I know I keep on disappearing, I'm really REALLY sorry! I got a new bf, as I believe I have mentioned and I am also doing a bunch of freelance work.

I did it! Yes I did! I finally convinced my parents to let me get a snake! I will be getting a baby cornsnake. His name shall be Severus. Severus Snake. I know its cheesy, but I like it!

Also, today I will be going once again to see the AMAZING Jordan Deen! She is an excellent person so you should try to get down and see her too. She will be at the Victoria Gardens in Ontario, CA (thats california folks, not canada)

Alright well I have made my visit, I will be posting bookish things again soon. Once I get done with all my artistic business!

~The Desert Lioness