Saturday, October 9, 2010


Hey hey everybody,

Yes I know I keep on disappearing, I'm really REALLY sorry! I got a new bf, as I believe I have mentioned and I am also doing a bunch of freelance work.

I did it! Yes I did! I finally convinced my parents to let me get a snake! I will be getting a baby cornsnake. His name shall be Severus. Severus Snake. I know its cheesy, but I like it!

Also, today I will be going once again to see the AMAZING Jordan Deen! She is an excellent person so you should try to get down and see her too. She will be at the Victoria Gardens in Ontario, CA (thats california folks, not canada)

Alright well I have made my visit, I will be posting bookish things again soon. Once I get done with all my artistic business!

~The Desert Lioness

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