Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Official Day!

"I'm not afraid to die. I just don't want to be there when it happens." ~Woody Allen

Welcome to Wednesday! The Random Word of the Day is...
1. the doctrine that the universe is a realization or act of the Logos.
2. the Hegelian doctrine that logos or reason informs the absolute or absolute reality. — panlogist, n.panlogical, panlogistic, panlogistical, adj.

Today's Leo Horoscope
Stop being an enabler to someone you care deeply about, Leo. It could be that you're helping to continue dangerous addictive behavior simply because you want to avoid a nasty confrontation. Realize that this is doing neither party any good. The more you perpetuate the lie, the more it will continue to hurt all parties involved. Be open and honest with your concerns.

Now on to other Stuff
Currently Reading:
Halle Pumas: The Wallflower by: Dana Marie Bell

Writing Status:
Very slow...

Well, we made it to day one, but there still isn't much going on. Hopefully soon I can have some good stuff to put up here pertaining to interesting things that just might catch your interest.

There isn't much going on with any artwork that I'm doing, not yet at least. Working on that little tidbit.

Tomorrow is Third Person Thursday! So don't forget; if you're going to post a comment it MUST be in third person, or my army of crickets will come after you.

Have a great day!

~The Desert Lioness

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