Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Third-Person Thursday!

"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." ~Albert Einstein

The DesertLioness welcomes the pride to Third Person Thursday! Enjoy the insanity.

The Random Word of the Day is *drumroll*:

1. An assessed percentage of the total price or measured amount of goods being shipped or stored, used to figure a deduction from the price or amount to reflect normal shrinkage or depletion of the goods.
2. The estimated amount of lumber in logs being scaled.

Todays Leo Horoscope:
Things might get a bit confusing for you today, Leo. Don't feel like you need to make sense of it all. In fact, this task may be impossible. Just be yourself. Let your creative nature shine through. Other people are quite malleable, and you should feel free to take the lead in just about any situation. Make sure, however, that you consider other people's needs.

Now, on to the other Stuff:

The DesertLioness is currently reading: Pack Challenge By: Shelly Laurenston

Writing Status: Is in Limbo

Review for The Wallflower by Dana Marie Bell:


Is Emma ready for a bite?

A Hunting Love story, Halle Puma Series Book 1.

Emma Carter has been in love with Max Cannon since high school, but he barely knew she existed. Now she runs her own unique curio shop, and she’s finally come out her shell and into her own.

When Max returns to his small home town to take up his duties as the Halle Pride’s Alpha, he finds that shy little Emma has grown up. That small spark of something he’d always felt around the teenager has blossomed into something more—his mate!

Taking her “out for a bite” ensures that the luscious Emma will be permanently his.

But Max’s ex has plans of her own. Plans that don’t include Emma being around to interfere. To keep her Alpha, Emma must prove to the Pride that she has what it takes to be Max’s mate.


Everybody loves a good shifter story; I know I do. Dana Marie Bell takes you to a little modern day down with a very old secret, then again, aren't there ALWAYS old secrets?

The story in itself is pretty short and kind of leaves you wanting more, almost cliffhangerish. You get a decent feel for the characters, although its nothing too in depth. Very very passable though. Its quick, sexy, and a bit too easy going, if you ask me. Lots of clique-ish problems for the main character and such, but all in all a very enthralling read!



Yesterday was decently uneventful for the DesertLioness. Read 2 books, finished both. This caused the Lioness to not finish her project for school, but oh well. There was an earthquake though, for all you who didn't feel it! The lioness felt it...was on the ground when it happened. All the dogs were going crazy.

Fun News: The lioness is participating in a mock book tour, so a special review post will be made just for it. The lioness must read it first...

That is all the Lioness wishes to say for today!

~The Desert Lioness

WARNING: Those who do not comment in the 3rd person shall be kept up ALL night by many chirping crickets. The DesertLioness has warned you!


  1. sandy says that her dad like the idea of third person thursday. sandy's dad might also say things in third person today. sandy likes this. sandy's mom is going to be uberly annoyed. which makes sandy laugh... ^_^

  2. @sandyg02 The DesertLioness also laughs at this. For it is amusing. Sandy's Dad rocks and is cooler than the DesertLioness's parents put together.