Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Hello all, I know you missed me. I'm a bad bad person for staying away from you for a week. Oh well, I'm sure you all forgive me.

Last you heard I was at the Maggie Stievfater signing at the Borders Bookstore in Glendale, CA. THAT was an experience, I tell you. I'm still working on a video to put up in the Adventures at Booksignings section of the blog. Gotta say, she was FUNNY!
Also this week, we went to a birthday party for Harry Potter! That was excellent. I went as a Deatheater. That's right, the Lioness walks on the Dark side. Below are some pics from this particular event, and I will hope to have more from our very own @frootjoos(FOLLOW HER!) once she gets a hold of me with them.

And thus, Tonks and I a bookstore *cue dramatic music*

Please ignore the random muggle bystander as I valiantly go in for the kill.

And then...she struck, the muggle grinning as we hit each other with curses.

That was the end of the battle of Tonks and the Deatheater. Afterwards they hung out, exchanging emails and planning a few games of quidditch.
The End.

ALSO! I received good things in the mail this past week!

I got...TA-DA!

An ARC of Nightshade by Andrea Cremer1

So far it is EXCELLENT but I shall not disclose any more information! There will be a review soon! Oh so very VERY soon!

Also, I bought this!

Which is ALSO very excellent, expect a review out of that one.

If you haven't heard, I will be having a contest once I reach 100 followers, so followers comeforth! I have swag, lots and lots of swag. And who knows, maybe I will decide to put that Nightshade ARC up for grabs!

Soon I will be putting up a list of events that are to be attended! But for now, look out for some good stuff on August 4th where we will once again migrate to the Borders Bookstore in Glendale, CA for a totally awesome gathering of Bloggers from all over the place! I sure hope to see you there as well!

Hope you all have a great day, comment away, and from books let your mind not stray!


~The Desert Lioness

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