Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Hey everybody its me! PLEASE forgive me for my missing in action-ness. I have had a rough time getting back on my feet and all. But hey, I have some GREAT news!

The Leo's Den is going to be a part of Jordan Deen's BLOG GIVEAWAY and scavanger hunt! So be sure to STAY TUNED. I will post the rules below and then once again on the actual start date.

Here are the Rules:

* You must follow my blog and Jordan's.
* You must comment my blog and Jordan's.
* You must retrieve the one word from the 'Half Moon' post on the blog pages in the order of the words from the blogs.
* You must send Jordan an email at: info@jordandeen.com with your name, email and the sentence made up from all the words you collect from the many blogs.

So, get ready! I will be posting again the day the hunt starts!

~The Desert Lioness

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