Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Giveaways Giveaways Giveaways!

Align LeftHey hey everybody! Take a gander at these AMAZING contests/giveaways! Enter and follow to win lots of goodies!

First up, a contest from 21 Pages! Just go HERE to enter the amazing prizes shown below.

Second up is an AMAZING contest by Paperback Dolls. Click HERE for that one. Below is the GINORMOUS prizepack!

Third up for grabs is a SIGNED copy of LINGER by Maggie Stievfater!!! Go HERE to enter!

Fourth: A Battle of the Sexies giveaway featuring Jennifer Rardin! Go HERE! Prizes below

ANY THREE of the following SIGNED

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FIFTH is ANOTHER Linger giveaway by DforDarla! Go HERE to enter and win!

Sixth Contest is an Iron Daughter Giveaway! Go HERE to enter!
(Couldn't find pics for the prizes, but detail are at the site!)

for a MASTER list of giveaways

Thats all for now, but keep an eye out for any edits/additions to this post! Today is a day for contests!

Thanks for Visiting!!!

~The Desert Lioness


  1. Hi DL! I'm Kitt from PBD. I just wanted to say good luck and cute header. Meh luvs da kittehs. :)

  2. lol thanks so much! I'm really shooting to win on this. XD I love cats too, and its fitting since I AM a Leo. My bday is on the 10th. *thumbs up* thanks for the great contest!