Monday, August 23, 2010

My MIA status

Hey hey all, sorry about my recent absenteeism. I have had some nasty stuff going down. I'm currently out of a BF, and I has nothing really to do. I do but I don't. My artistic muse has not shown its face in a while, and my inspiration to read has dropped to a very dangerous level. I shall do my best to pick myself back up off my feet, but no guarantees for a bit still.
I have also been job hunting. So I need luck on that as well.
On a side note, Jordan Deen, author of The Crescent and the upcoming Half Moon will be doing a signing at the Barnes and Noble at the Tyler Mall in Riverside, CA on September 25th. That's exciting things. Featured here will be a blog tour of the new book so stay tuned for that.
I hope everybody's ending summer goes great, and I wish all luck as the schooling once again begins!
~The Desert Lioness

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